Requires a serial to either Wi-Fi or Ethernet bridge module. The 801iPLEX allows bidirectional communications between E-Plex and up to 4 iOS devices. 1)

A minimal system might consist of a 400ECM, 801iPLEX and an iPad. E-Logic is used to create the programming for the 400ECM as normal. The 801iPLEX object within the E-Logic software allows you to define the data that you want to send to the iPad, and the data that you want to receive back from it. The layouts for the iPad are created within a separate application, called Command Fusion. This allows more sophisticated functionality than is possible within the E-Logic layout editor currently, including support for multi-touch and gestures. Within the Command Fusion designer, you can assign the incoming data from E-Logic to the right buttons and controls. Detailed example files showing how this is done are included with E-Logic. The graphics libraries used in the example files can be freely used in other designs.

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