The E-Plex 400ECM series combines a master programmer and controller functionality with a customizable
touch-screen in one low-cost interface. The 400ECM is housed in a thin structure that extends less than 1/2”
from the dash or wall surface. The 400ECM is capable of monitoring and controlling tanks, pumps, lighting,
HVAC, gensets, engines and electronic systems.
A 128-character display (8 x 16) provides information, including alerts and diagnostics, from any of the
modules within an E-Plex system. Customers have the opportunity to define custom artwork which is EL
backlit within the touch-screen to provide the end user with an intuitive E-Plex system control interface.

Please provide us with the eLogic file that needs to be compiled into the module. Or check with us if we have your file on our server. Otherwise, the module will be shipped blank/unprogrammed.

1 in stock (can be backordered)