The E-Plex® 805OPM is an eight channel DC power distribution module capable of handling loads of up to
15 A per channel or 50 A total. The eight channels can be utilised as either inputs, outputs, or a combination
of both. Output channels may be paired in order to handle larger amperage loads.
The 805OPM incorporates thermal, short circuit, and programmable overload protection in order to
safeguard the module against incorrect wiring or load faults. Manual mode capabilities allow backup
operation of the device loads in the event that the E-Plex system goes offline.
In addition, the 805OPM design allows for the ability to utilize all channels as dimmer circuits, providing a
flexible solution for lighting control.

On some 500CCM clocks logic file changes may be needed.

In order to replace 366HMM and 436MMX modules minor rewiring and use of the 805OPM terminal kit (included with 805OPM module ) is required.

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