The E-Plex 318PFTG series can be used in a wide variety of applications. The same tank sender can be used
for diesel fuel, fresh water, grey water, or black water tanks.
The tank gauge in its standard version can measure fluid up to a maximum depth of 2m and measures
pressure of fluid in a tank to a high resolution. Tank shape has no effect on the accuracy of the pressure tank
gauge, which makes it useful in applications where the tank shape is irregular.
The tank gauge can be used in multiple configurations, depending on the construction of the tank whether it
is plastic or metallic.
The E-Logic software allows for accurate calibration by building a tank curve table during the initial fill
process. A table can also be precalculated if the tank dimensions are known. 

The module will be sold with default calibration unless calibration files are provided.
In case your water tank was made to custom order/modified or the calibration table was changed, we will need to perform a remote session to recalibrate the sensor.

In some cases, the sensor part may need to be machined due to its shape.

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